Paying Attention To Industrial Safety ConcernsPaying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

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Paying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

After one of my guys almost got smashed by an overhead boom, I knew that we had to make a few changes. Instead of ignoring safety protocols and living with our outdated equipment, I decided to invest a little money into industrial equipment and supplies. We updated our machinery to include safety features, and we started asking each of our employees to wear brightly-colored jackets so that we could tell where everyone was. It took an overhaul of the entire business, but when we were done, things ran a lot smoother. Check out this blog for ideas on how to keep your team safe.


Excavator Rental Tips For Temporary Construction Projects

Excavators are important machines for construction operations, which are primarily used for digging and hauling dirt. If you need to rent one of these machines for a short-term construction project, here are some tips that can help you out.

See Which Excavators Are in Stock

Once you find a construction equipment rental supplier to get an excavator from, you should go through the models that are available. You can then compare their features and physical specifications to see what specific model will support your short-term construction project the best.

The supplier should list out models they currently have available for rent. Just make sure you take your time comparing each model and taking into account your construction operations. Support is available too if you need a model recommendation, which might help if this is the first time that you've rented this type of equipment before. 

Follow Supplier's Rental Rules

Whatever type of excavator you rent from a supplier, there will be rental rules you need to follow. It might be using this machine a certain way or performing maintenance during your rental period. As long as you find out what these rules are and comply with them, you won't have any inconvenient experiences with the supplier.

You can use this excavator to lift and move dirt and then have the company pick up the equipment once your short-term project concludes. You should be able to find these rental rules online when you sign a contract with the supplier. 

Utilize Emergency Support When Necessary

If an emergency happens while you use a rental excavator around a construction site, it's important to respond appropriately and utilize your supplier's emergency support. It should be readily available to help out with all kinds of situations.

For instance, if the rental excavator stops working all of a sudden and you can't get it back on, an emergency support technician can come out to your site and take a look at the excavator. This way, you can either get the excavator repaired or have another one sent your way quickly. You can thus keep long delays from affecting short-term construction.

If you have a temporary construction project that involves digging and moving dirt, an excavator rental is the perfect investment. It will be fairly easy to deal with too if you find the right supplier, rent the appropriate excavator, and then use it correctly the entire time. For more information on construction equipment rentals, contact a company near you.