Paying Attention To Industrial Safety ConcernsPaying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

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Paying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

After one of my guys almost got smashed by an overhead boom, I knew that we had to make a few changes. Instead of ignoring safety protocols and living with our outdated equipment, I decided to invest a little money into industrial equipment and supplies. We updated our machinery to include safety features, and we started asking each of our employees to wear brightly-colored jackets so that we could tell where everyone was. It took an overhaul of the entire business, but when we were done, things ran a lot smoother. Check out this blog for ideas on how to keep your team safe.


If You Need A Skid Loader But Don't Have Much Of A Budget, These Considerations Will Help You Rent One

You could buy your own skid loader, but if your company is running on a tight budget, renting is better. Choosing the right skid loader to rent isn't always easy. You need to discuss what you have to do with the skid loader with one of the rental company reps, as well as think about some considerations that could affect the model you get.

Wheels vs. Tracks

Possibly your most important decision is whether you need a skid loader with wheels or with tracks. If you're using the skid loader inside, get one with wheels; if you're using it outside on unpaved ground or very rough pavement, get tracks. If you're using it in both conditions, get the one that will work with the most severe conditions first; if the conditions are mild all around, get the one that goes with the conditions you'll be in the most. For example, if you're using the skid loader mainly indoors but have to drive it over very rocky ground at one point, tracks might be better. But if you're using it mainly indoors and driving it over stable, level, unpaved ground for a short while, wheels may be best. Check with the rental company about their restrictions regarding inside and outside use, too.

Would a Mini Skid Loader Work?

You might be able to rent a mini skid loader, which is what you think it is: a smaller version of the skid loader that is controlled by hand. If you have a fairly small job to do, a mini skid loader might be enough, and the rental price might be low enough to fit nicely into your budget. Not all rental companies will have these, but if the one you rent from does, take a look at the models they have.

Can You Rent the Attachments, Too?

Skid steers and loaders need attachments in order to do the work you need them to do. If you can rent the attachments from the same company, do so. Not only does that ensure the attachments will fit, but you'll also get helpful service should you need to get a replacement attachment while you have the skid loader in your possession. You could buy the attachments if you thought you'd be renting a skid steer often and then eventually buying one. However, for now, when your budget isn't that big, renting is the more economical option.

Once you're done with the skid loader, contact the rental company and have them pick up the equipment. If you need to rent the loader again, you'll know whether the model you got this time is adequate or if you'd want to try another model. That will help you when you eventually decide to buy your own. 

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