Paying Attention To Industrial Safety ConcernsPaying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

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Paying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

After one of my guys almost got smashed by an overhead boom, I knew that we had to make a few changes. Instead of ignoring safety protocols and living with our outdated equipment, I decided to invest a little money into industrial equipment and supplies. We updated our machinery to include safety features, and we started asking each of our employees to wear brightly-colored jackets so that we could tell where everyone was. It took an overhaul of the entire business, but when we were done, things ran a lot smoother. Check out this blog for ideas on how to keep your team safe.


Are You Scared Of Tap Water And Considering A Well? What To Know Today

Poor water quality coming from city and county water systems is a problem all across the nation. If you are building a home and you don't want to trust your water quality to others, you want to have a well drilled.

There are many advantages to well drilling on your private property, and you'll see these advantages years down the road. Here are some of the things to understand and consider when getting quotes and starting the process.

Understand Water Well Drilling Process

Many factors will be used in deciding the size of the well and location before the company starts the drilling process. These factors will include:

  • Water volume needs
  • Topography of the yard
  • House location on the property
  • Soil composition

The drilling company will survey the yard and assess where it will be the easiest to access groundwater. If you have more than one company come to do surveying be sure to see where both companies suggest locating the well and why.

Avoid Hazards and Toxins

There are many toxins and hazards that can be in tap water. This is based on where you live and where the municipal company pulls your water from. The water source greatly affects water quality and what is needed to treat it properly.

When you are drinking tap water you can be at risk of ingesting pollutants and dangers including:

  • Lead, arsenic, nitrate, radon
  • Norovirus, salmonella, rotavirus, e coli, hepatitis A

The chemicals used to treat all these things can also be very dangerous if they aren't regulated properly. With well water, you won't have to worry about what is in the water and how it's being treated because you'll have picked your own filtration system.

Control Your Own Water Needs

Relying on the city water system means that they control when you have access to water, and at times how much you can use. That is not a concern with well water, because you own your own property and well. You don't have to worry about sewer line concerns, main water breaks, or other complications.

With your own well, you are controlling your own water. Talk with the well installation company about how often your water should be tested, how to maintain it, and when the unit needs to be serviced. This is an investment for your home and future that allows you control over your family's water needs. 

For more information about water well drilling, contact a local company.