Paying Attention To Industrial Safety ConcernsPaying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

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Paying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

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7 Questions To Ask The Heavy Equipment Rental Company

When you need to rent equipment to complete tasks at a worksite, using heavy equipment can make things go smoother and faster. Prior to renting any specific equipment from a company, ask them some crucial questions to learn more about what they provide, how much they charge, and much more.

1. What Types of Equipment Do You Offer?

Make sure the rental company has the equipment you need to use by asking them what they offer. The heavy equipment rental company might have an assortment of forklifts, scissor lifts, skid steers, and more. You should be able to find equipment to use to complete all kinds of tasks, such as shoring, welding, digging, handling heavy materials, and more.

2. Is There a Drop-Off Option?

Find out if the company offers a drop-off option. You might not be able to go to the company's warehouse to get the equipment simply because you do not have a way to transport it to your workplace or construction project site. Most equipment rental companies will have no problem bringing the requested items to your location.

3. What Brands of Equipment Do You Have Available For Rent?

Find out which brands of equipment the company has available for rent. It is such an important question to ask because there are some leading brands in the industrial industry, and you might want to make sure the rental company is offering some of those high-quality brands of heavy equipment for you to use.

4. What Is the Daily Rental Rate For Different Equipment?

Ask about the daily rental rate for the different equipment that you need. Some companies offer special rates for clients who will use the equipment for several months. It helps to ask about any potential discounts or deals you can receive for renting the equipment for an extended period. It could help you save cash while still having access to essential equipment to make your job of completing specific tasks much more manageable.

5. Is the Rental Equipment Properly Maintained?

You need to find out if the heavy-duty equipment rental company goes the extra mile when it comes to maintenance. With different people using the equipment over the years, the company's owners must hire professionals to maintain the equipment, including checking for damage, replacing worn-down parts, and ensuring that all rented equipment is in impeccable condition. A good rental company will take pride in carefully inspecting their equipment before renting it out and immediately after getting it back from someone who rented it from them. If the equipment does not receive proper maintenance, it may malfunction while using it, putting yourself and many others at risk.

6. Do You Have Insurance For the Heavy Equipment?

All rental companies should have insurance for the heavy equipment that they offer. However, it would be best to ask this because you want to make sure the company does have it. The company needs to have insurance on their equipment if something unexpected occurs, such as a freak accident. While things should go smoothly with no issues, it is better to be safe than to run into some costly problems.

7. Does the Company Sell Any of the Used Equipment?

A heavy equipment rental company has tons of used equipment because they are renting it to different people who will use that equipment for some time before returning it. While most companies only offer rentals, some are willing to sell the equipment at lower prices than retail because others previously used it. If you end up needing some equipment permanently after renting it for a while, you might want to ask if there is an option to buy what you need at a reduced price.

When you need to rent heavy-duty equipment, you should find a highly-rated company that offers everything you need. Be sure to ask these essential questions before you even sign a rental contract. It helps to get the extra information from the company before you rent anything from them.