Paying Attention To Industrial Safety ConcernsPaying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

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Paying Attention To Industrial Safety Concerns

After one of my guys almost got smashed by an overhead boom, I knew that we had to make a few changes. Instead of ignoring safety protocols and living with our outdated equipment, I decided to invest a little money into industrial equipment and supplies. We updated our machinery to include safety features, and we started asking each of our employees to wear brightly-colored jackets so that we could tell where everyone was. It took an overhaul of the entire business, but when we were done, things ran a lot smoother. Check out this blog for ideas on how to keep your team safe.


The Importance Of Maintaining Radial Shaft Seals

Many of the industrial machines used in production and processing are powered by hydraulics. A hydraulic system can be volatile if each of the components within the system is not meticulously maintained.

The radial shaft seal serves as a buffer between a stationary component and a rotating component within the hydraulic system. Failing to maintain the radial shaft seals on your machinery could spell disaster.

Lubricating the radial shaft seal reduces wear

Anytime a moving part is involved, adding a lubricant can help reduce friction and extend the life of the moving component itself. Your radial shaft seals should be treated with specialized lubricants on a regular basis to help ensure that components within each machine's hydraulic system can move freely.

The lubricant will also help to cushion the contact between the moving and stationary components, extending the life of each component and preserving the proper function of your processing machines over time.

Adequate lubrication prevents corrosion

In addition to helping reduce friction, the right lubricant can protect your hydraulic system against corrosion. Particulate matter that finds its way into your radial shaft seals can erode the surface of the components that rely on that seal.

Scratches and divots in a component's surface could lead to rust over time. The right lubricant will trap and suspend particulate matter, preventing it from coming into contact with component surfaces. Replacing the lubricant in your radial shaft seals regularly can help you eliminate the devastating effects of corrosion from your hydraulic systems.

Properly maintained radial shaft seals increase reliability

When it comes to processing and manufacturing tasks, consistency is key. Ensuring that your machinery will perform within acceptable parameters during each duty cycle help to ensure the consistency of your finished products.

Maintaining your radial shaft seals regularly will help hydraulic systems perform reliably. You won't have to worry about your machinery failing or overcompensating during a duty cycle, allowing you to rely on the integrity of the end-products generated in your production facility.

The hydraulic systems that power your heavy machinery can become a source of stress when component maintenance is overlooked. Taking the time to check for adequate lubrication of the radial shaft seals will help you count on the longevity and reliability of your machines.

Properly maintained radial shaft seals will also help guard your hydraulic systems against corrosion, reducing the likelihood of costly mechanical failures and keeping repair costs to a minimum.